Return To Dust (2014)

by Ablaze

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released August 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Ablaze Darmstadt, Germany

Metallic Hardcore from Darmstadt, GER.
Est 2010.
Currently writing our debut full length.


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Track Name: Between Faith & Chaos
I walk through life with this burden on my back
burnt like a stigmata that's hidden from the rest
it's the things you can't explain
that make them think that you're insane

the devil in my head tells me he's my friend
the source of this affliction, I don't know where to begin
the dark corners of my mind emerged
when I've been too young to understand

years are swallowed in a consciousness that's turned
into graveyard of broken hopes and dreams

all body, no soul
the passing of the will
striving for salvation
as life is slipping through these hands

first bottle down and the world stops.. for a while
one more line and maybe I'll be okay
two more and it's all in vain
another one and I'll forget it all for today

some fear death, others pray for it
between faith and chaos
constant neusea, so bittersweet
it shatters every mirror I reflect in

if I died tonight
that would be alright
today I could pass away
but that would be okay
as my own worst enemy
would disappear as well

sick of a battle that takes and takes and takes
until I'm only bones and questions
noose around the neck, ready to take the step
goodbye cruel fucking world.
Track Name: Return To Dust
we've reached this place where lights are dimmed
where servants dwell and angels bleed
the tyrants wander and demons prowl
where vultures feast upon the corpse of god

the inner wrath is breaking all
awakening the devilish inside these walls
within the sanctuary of the beast
the bird and the worm
a foreseen destiny

when final judgement rains upon
we all will learn to love the rope
if this is the lamentation of the end
we're guilty in every aspect

to the prince of the kings of the dead
for the blood of the lamb has been shed
harbinger, come sing us to sleep
take everything you want from me
just let the essence fade
for it has only caused much pain

we speak the language of the apocalypse
and expect the universe to forgive our sins
the next great war in history, ends history
and every eye shall see the downfall of you and me

this is the death of hope
and the realization of truth
the confession of guilt
and the consent of consequence

no more tears to be shed
druther I mourn for the devoted
so let it be, come let it be
let us rot in the tomb of misery.