Split w/ The Black Path (2012)

by Ablaze

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released February 18, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Danny and The Lab Soundstudio
Mastered by Simon Sludge at Moulder Masters
Marked For Death Records, 2012.



all rights reserved


Ablaze Darmstadt, Germany

Metallic Hardcore from Darmstadt, GER.
Est 2010.
Currently writing our debut full length.


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Track Name: Dead To The World
Dead to the world since birth
Forever walking on disowned paths

I've built these four walls, four walls I care about
If you're in, you're in and if you're out, then you're fucking out
I'm so far away, fed up from the games these people play
Lost in the haze of unending lies, dissociated myself by choice

Avoiding humans wherever I go, not interested in interaction
Just stay away, leave me the fuck alone
Because of you I don’t feel a connection to the world

Blinded by greed, only out for themselves
Taking credit for things you weren't involved with
And when the lights shine right, you're the first standing in line

Pretenders, actors, hypocrites, you're all so dead to me
Don't want to help anyone else, you're just out for fame

If only thoughts could kill you all would fucking die
I won't take part in a society which I despise

People won't understand, people will never change
It really ain't that hard to fucking tell
Because of you I'm always on surface
If I'd leave this place I wouldn't miss anyones face

Dead to the world since birth
Forever walking on disowned paths

I lost all faith in humanity, as I was born to question everything
I was born to use my fucking head
Because of you there's no respect for mankind left

For what it's worth, I'll always rather seclude myself
So sick of people, I wish you all just would go to hell

Stay away or you're going to catch a cold from the ice inside of my soul.