Split w/ Martyrs Tongue & Avalanche A​.​D. (2013)

by Ablaze

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released June 1, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jens Siefert at Überwälder Klangdressur Tonstudio
Southwest Hardcore Records, 2013.



all rights reserved


Ablaze Darmstadt, Germany

Metallic Hardcore from Darmstadt, GER.
Est 2010.
Currently writing our debut full length.


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Track Name: Mass Hypnosis
Why do we swallow everything they feed?
Without to question if it's the actual reality

Day to day we obey what the indispensable says
As everyday there's terrible headlines to see
Some may be true, so many just seem staged
It's getting harder to recognize a difference

Prefabricated opinions and attitudes
That determine what's normal and acceptable
Poisoning minds, standardize a world view
Desensitization, subliminal perception

While we're sleep walking through life
We are pretending that everything's fine
And we don't even recognize
That we're just too preoccupied

By the weapons of mass distraction

Manipulated events sold as breaking news
From puppets on strings speaking about truth

Filtered intelligence slated as a product that we're being sold
Since our point of view on certain issues is like an asset
A commodity, which they can turn into more fucking money

And if there's no benefits, the mainstream press will not publish
Thus the media is hardly reporting on unveiled facts
But over profitable topics in an overwrought hysteria

They trap us all in fear and confusion, so we believe the lies and consume the illusion
Making us susceptible and scared for their psychological warfare

Reality, illusory
Fight against the grain or remain a mindless zombie.
Track Name: The War On Heaven
Raised by the wolves of disguise and deceit
Born a soldier at war without a reason to live

The year was one, the path set along the road to hell
Lives once young and innocent, soaked so fast in ill intent
Brother killing brother, spilling blood of the guiltless
Neglecting that we are all one and the same, doomed human race

Preaching for peace yet hate is all I see
Sanity lies in defeat
Buried beneath a mountain of corpses
As justice drowns in rivers of blood

We're rotting from the inside out

Victims of blind faith
Authors of the apocalypse

Assassinations veiled as destiny sealed from above
Annihilation in the name of god, punish the heathen
Destroy the promised land, burn babylon burn

For more than two thousand years, we suffered
For more than two thousand years, we died

Under the reign of war machinery and religious crimes

Embrace extinction, chained for all time
A war on heaven where nothing earthly remains

This world will never be at peace as long as there's humanity
For we destroy anything by the battle of who has the bigger imaginary friend.
Track Name: Weltschmerz
All of my life I spent on the edge between love and hate
Amidst ending it all and trying to stay sane, seeking for inner peace

Still I find myself lower than I have ever been
With one foot in the grave, the other hanging in shades
I am struggling to erase

Every time I try to set me free, these demons come to get the best of me
Trapped in a mind where no medicine or therapy will ever let me breathe

Darkness is surrounding me and I can't find a way to be free from misery
No one has the answers and I don't really expect them to be
Only I can change myself, my life and the way I feel/think

Yet I could never save myself from further defeat
Living in shadows seems to be all that's meant for me

Nothing will change if I don't find a way to stop these fears from leading me astray
I can only guess how long it's going to be, before the reaper has finally taken me
Wrapped in a body bag, died in discomfort at the age of twenty fucking four

Stop the rain, I want to see the beauty in things
Numb the pain, I want to enjoy life before it's too late

Before it's too late.